Welcome to P.E.S.C.A.


The objective of PESCA is to provide a forum for safety, health and risk management practitioners to meet and share information that will help prevent injuries and accidents, and protect assets and public service capabilities from the consequences of accidental and fortuitous loss so that employees and the public may enjoy safe and healthful surroundings in their daily pursuits.



Our mission is to reduce work-related injuries and accidents and protect the infrastructure of our organizations by providing and coordinating programs and services that minimize safety, health, and environmental risks.


Who are the members of PESCA?

PESCA is made up of Safety Professionals, Risk Managers, Supervisors, Managers, and Safety Committee Members working in or with City, County, State, or Federal Government organizations.


Do I qualify for membership?

If you are a safety or risk manager in any government organization, including federal, state, county municipal or public utility authority, you can become a regular member. If you don’t fill one of the above jobs, you can become an associate member. Associate members have all the privileges of a regular member except voting privileges. Only one regular member from any jurisdiction is authorized, additional associate members are welcome and encouraged to become members.  Click HERE for an application.